Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is Downsizing your home right for you?

The number of Zoomers choosing to downsize from their current homes to a more manageably sized one is on the rise. Many say continuing to maintain a large family home can be difficult –  both physically and financially

 Zoomers moving have so many options — from buying another house or condominium to moving into a rental accommodation, independent living community or continuing care retirement community.

Some of the Advantages to downsizing may include:

Being closer to friends or family
Lower home maintenance costs
Better access to services that support your needs
Having more amenities such as access to a pool, golf course or gym
Not having to shovel snow or mow the lawn
Increased social interaction with other 50-plus residents

Some of the factors to keep in mind when downsizing

Emotional considerations: 
Your Property value
Financial considerations
The condo lifestyle
Adult Living Communities

If you are considering downsizing your home, you should first examine your reasons for wanting to do it and ensure that your new environment will meet all of your needs. It is also important to speak with your family before making the decision. We recommend meeting with a Wafa & Jalila your local realtors to discuss what you’re looking for and whether what you want is affordable.
Curious about what your home is worth? Give us a call; you will be pleasantly surprised at your home’s current value. Planning a renovation? We can advise you where you will get the most return on your investment.  Please accept this as your personal invite to call upon us with any of your real estate needs. We can be reached at 416 699 9292 or drop us an e-mail at info@wafamasri.com

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